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Lowry's 2003 ZO6 Corvette

posted Dec 14, 2014 14:49:01 by Lowrydesign
I picked up this car in 2013 a day before thanksgiving. It had 32k on the odometer was bone stock and I'm the 3rd owner. I have lots of plans for this car in the future, the main goal for this car is
"imagine if pinafirina was to have designed the c5 corvette"

first things first... had to lower her and give the rims a coat of matte charcoal gray

First thing on the long to do list is to tackle the interior. GM really cut corners on the C5 interior, it feels super cheap and looks cheesy, with a little bit of love up i do believe that it can look and feel just as good as the exterior design. I decided to tackle the center console first since it is looked at by the driver constantly.

GM used a 1.5 din radio in the c5. thumbs down in the aftermarket world. i went with an android based double din head unit from Rydeen dv680, pretty cool i must say. So, since the whole bezel had to be modified for the radio I figured why not move stuff around, get rid of the ash tray and add a place for some 52mm gauges.

Recently I had the chance to ride in a AMG Mercedes and I really liked the clock in the dash and whammy it sparked a thought. I wanted to make the center gauge a clock, but of coarse no one makes a clock that i liked, guess ill have to make one from scratch, 150hrs later its done.

the gauges pictured are a temporary fill, hopefully the new gauges that Jon is making will be a perfect fit

next up will be the steering wheel mod.
what it will entail-
a heavily modified C6 steering wheel

leds installed in the top edge like a Ferrari

render of the circuit board
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ArduinoPush said Dec 14, 2014 17:28:35
wow nice project!
really like the corvette and your mods. The home made clock is verry nice!
Did you make the led bars working yet?

Lowrydesign said Dec 17, 2014 16:10:39
Just finished soldering the LEDs onto the PCB but I'm still waiting on the capacitors to show up. I'm at an overseas location and mail has been super slow, maybe by the weekend ill have them and get the code working.

Here is the pcb

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Lowrydesign said Dec 21, 2014 15:17:55

led function test!!!
Jonduino said Dec 29, 2014 01:10:38
That's really coming together well (awesome Corvette too, btw). I can't wait to see the final install. That's a nice looking PCB. Great work!!!
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