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Awesome. Planing to use this in a project I'm looking into.

posted Jul 07, 2015 16:50:16 by Walter Junk

I'm glad you have created this. I'm new to arduino but I've been writing code for 10+ years. I wanted to use your shift light integration to create a piggy back ecu to control variable valve timing on a subaru engine, when the car didn't originally come with it.

I hope it is okay to use your forum as the project matures.

Here is the outline.

1) Tap into RPM for y axis.
2) Tap into MAP for x axis.
3) Tap into Cam Position for reference
4) Use a matrix table (12x12?) as a for requested output.
5) Send duty cycle signal to VVT solenoid to operate VVT based on matrix table.
6) Output logger for sending the data to a computer for logging. I'm thinking rs232.

Let me know what you think.

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Jonduino said Jul 08, 2015 13:10:14
That sounds like a fun project! Absolutely, please share your progress here - I'm excited to see the outcome. I think you're on the right track so far - this is certainly something an Arduino is more than capable of doing. The code I'm writing for the V2 shift light uses a matrix look-up table as well for the light bar segmentation and 'animation' led ordering.

Have you see this?

I don't believe it has VVT control, but a lot of the methods used in the software can be borrowed to great effect.

Additionally, if you have any suggestions for my code while reviewing, please feel free to share. :)

Thanks again for stopping by! I'm excited to see where your project goes.

- jon

Walter Junk said Jul 08, 2015 14:44:02
Yes, I did see 2JZDuino, but i could not easily find a circuit for it. If you have it or know a link for it I'm interested in checking it out.

While researching this I ran into a e46 forum where a guy tapped into the necessary signals to see if his VVT was working correct. He provides the code and arduino circuit. For my purpose, the code will not work as he has delays in it for display reasons.

From my understanding I need the following inputs.

2 PWM for Cam Pos Sensor
2 PWM to control VVT (still need to confirm if this a waveform)
1 PWM to Crank Position Sensor
1 ANALOG for MAP sensor.

This is 5 of 6 total PWM digital I/O available on the uno board. The leonardo board gives me an additional digital PWM I/O for a total of 7, it is also $5 cheaper with the same capabilities.

Using a map sensor.

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