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V2 build

posted Aug 18, 2015 15:57:21 by alexnessie
Hey guys,

I'm currently in the process of building the V2, was building the V1 but held off on putting it together in my car till the V2 came out!

Waiting on my custom fibreglass enclosure to dry before sanding and paint, then I'll be fitting the V2 into my Mazda Miata/MX5, will update with pictures. :)

Jonduino, is it possible to add a test function to the shift light where I could use my rotary encoder to display a test RPM? I only have one arduino so I can't build the RPM generator!

Thanks for reading!
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alexnessie said Aug 18, 2015 17:22:49
Okay, so I have made the necessary wiring changes and uploaded the code to the Uno, however when powered on, the 7-seg just flashes some gibberish (one frame, random sections lit up) before the whole thing does nothing.

If I upload the original code, even with the wiring changes, the display functions as normal and works fine. Any ideas?

EDIT: IGNORE ME, I'm an idiot. I didn't see the note about EEPROMReset in the Readme. That fixed it!
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Jonduino said Aug 18, 2015 19:41:22
Glad you got it working. :) That's a good idea, build the RPM generator into the shift-light.. I hadn't thought of that. Unfortunately I don't have a reliable way of doing that right now, but I'm adding it to the list! Great suggestion!

I'm excited to see the progress and install pictures! Thanks for sharing.

- jon
alexnessie said Aug 18, 2015 19:45:26
I don't know if it would be possible to add the generator into the existing code, I was thinking more along the lines of using the rotary encoder just to adjust a value (like when you set the act/shft points) so you can just scroll through say 3500 to 7000 rpm slowly and check everything's okay?

Or even just a "sweep" setting to light up and down?

Thank you so much for coding the shift light and putting the schematics etc together though, it's been a great help for someone like me who doesn't know how to code but wants something like this in their vehicle!
Jonduino said Aug 18, 2015 19:50:51
If there's a will there's a way! :) maybe just a "TEST" mode that would slowly sweep the RPM through it's range up to the shiftpoint.. I don't think it'll be too difficult to add.

No problem! I'm happy to. I have a lot of fun doing this and helping others build it. Thanks for stopping by!
Clint said Dec 02, 2015 02:59:01
Has there been any development on the rpm simulator update? I have just finished putting everything together and would like to test it all out before installing it onto my bike.

Also, how hard would it be to add a light sensor to the system to automatically adjust the brightness rather than having to go into the setup menu every time?
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Jonduino said Dec 02, 2015 13:08:19
The next version is not ready quite yet (I'm spending all my time selecting and sourcing hardware parts for a kit to sell on the site). But both of those features (the built-in "test" mode, and dimmer input) will be in the next version for sure. I was planning on tapping the vehicles lighting system instead of adding a light sensor, so when it senses 12v, it will dim automatically to a predetermined level set by the user. If the vehicle doesn't have a lighting system, a simple switch wired to the battery would accomplish the same thing.

Sorry it's taking so long; if I had to estimate, v2.2 will be released January 2016.

- jon
Clint said Dec 05, 2015 04:20:55
That is great news, hopefully it will be ready around the time I am ready to mount it to the bike. I will need to add a light sensor to mine as there is no existing one on the bike itself, but I should be able to sort something out.
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