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Need help getting started

posted Nov 09, 2015 21:32:38 by MarkCifuentes
Hello, im very interested in putting this in my race car but am confused where I would get some of these parts, such as the LED display. Anyone care to chime in on this with possible links?

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Jonduino said Nov 10, 2015 13:03:37
Hi Mark,

Thanks for stopping by. Sorry I didn't put the hardware list on the V2 thread -- my bad. Everything is listed under the V1 thread. Here's the list. Go to

(1) Arduino Uno
(1) 7 segment w/ I2C backpack
(2) NeoPixel Sticks
(1) 7805 TO-220 5V regulator (for neopixels)
(1) Rotary Encoder

These are discrete components, shop,, (or try amazon)

(1) 47k Resistor
(1) 10k Resistor
(1) 330 ohm Resistor
(1) 1000uF Capacitor
(1) PNP Transistor, 2N3906 **
** This intercepts the cars ECU RPM square wave (can be found on OBD terminal) -- without it, the signal terminates through the arduino (caused my gauges to go to zero)

The housing for the LED bar graph was made of 1/2" I.D PVC tubing (picked up 25' for $6.00 at a hardware store). It's plastic, and it's coiled, so apply a little heat, some pressure, and patience to form it into a straight piece.

Hope this helps
- jon
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