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Can i used my own leds

posted Mar 27, 2016 02:34:52 by Jay Auguste
Hello all, I was wondering if i can use my own leds. The kit leds are a bit to big for my project and i wanted to use the 0603 leds. Thanks in advance.
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Clint said Mar 27, 2016 09:36:51
I was thinking the same thing, looking at using something like this
Jonduino said Mar 29, 2016 18:08:52
I think I may have replied on YouTube to this question. The WS2811 uses a different method for communication. It requires a data and a clock line, whereas the WS2812B requires only a data line. This means to use the existing shift-light software you'll need to incorporate a new library and rewrite the LED command lines.

Hope this helps
- jon
VickyPatmase said Mar 30, 2016 08:47:20
An RGB Led having only data pin(Din)!
Jonduino said Mar 30, 2016 12:06:19
VickyPatmase - those LED's are OK to use. Those are WS2812B
VickyPatmase said Mar 30, 2016 12:53:28
Ok so for our project the led's are ok having only data pin no clock pin but need to work with neopixel libraries
Jonduino said Mar 30, 2016 13:12:12
Only the WS2812B LEDs will work with this project.

Other LEDs, like the WS2811 need to have both data and clock in order to work. Therefore, our project will require code modifications and a different library in order to use those LEDs.

If you use an LED like the WS2811, then you have to use both the DATA and the CLOCK pins - you cannot omit the clock pin, they will not light up.

hope this helps
- jon
VickyPatmase said Mar 30, 2016 14:37:47
Thanks sir, though I ordered the right one!
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