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Appreciation Post

posted Mar 29, 2016 19:56:08 by BrandonMatthews
I just know you've been putting so much effort into all of this and it's very obvious in the quality of everything you are currently putting out. I just wanted to say I appreciate it a lot and keep it up!

On an off note, are you still going to provide fritzing sketches to show us how everything connects in actuality without your custom pcb?
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Jonduino said Mar 30, 2016 00:04:02
Thank you, Brandon.

I really appreciate the kind words and support. Yes - I will be providing all the schematics, .sch, .brd, and fritzing files, and code as before. I'm still doing a little catch-up. I expect to have this all online by the end of the week.

Thanks again!
- jon
bryanhamilton64 said Mar 30, 2016 09:51:49
As always your work is much appreciated by us lesser mortals mate. I assume in my case there is no rewiring to do just a wipe and code update when it's released?
Jonduino said Mar 30, 2016 12:09:29
Thanks Bryan. Correct - anyone that assembled based on the earlier schematics (v2) do not have to rewire. D2 and D8 should already be connected.

VickyPatmase said Mar 30, 2016 12:46:56
This is the guy who is always busy, but he finds time for us, replying for noob questions!
Jonduino said Mar 30, 2016 13:13:25
:) I was a noob too!! (still am in many regards). No worries! I'm happy to help.
bryanhamilton64 said Apr 05, 2016 11:05:42
Ok, library included, now I can upload it to my Arduino but I have another query.

Your previous statement is not strictly correct then I assume. Without replacing my display it doesn't work, everything appears to operate but I have no display at all so no menu etc. I can tell it goes into the menu by the little led on the arduino itself and I can adjust the RPM led's brightness but no display.

Shall I just go back to 2.1 or is it an easy fix?


Jonduino said Apr 05, 2016 12:07:33
Hi Bryan,

You are correct - v2.4 supports a new display type (TM1637) - I'm 99.9% done with the new code for the old display type and will likely have that online tonight. (Sorry for any confusion).

So to recap -

v2.3 - updated code for old display type (99% done)
v2.4 - updated code with new display type

bryanhamilton64 said Apr 05, 2016 15:25:33
Hi Jon,

Ahhh, my bad, I had assumed you just skipped v2.2 and 2.3 altogether. Great news and I wait with baited breath.
FrankCisco said May 02, 2016 15:13:22
Jonduino I just joined. I wanted to say thank you as well for your hard work. Ive been looking for a shift light for my mini cooper and had no luck. Hopefully this will work. Pls let me know as soon as you have Kits available so that i can purchase mine.

Best regards
Jonduino said May 03, 2016 19:52:44
Thanks for stopping by! I plan to have more parts in stock in a day or two. Please check back at the end of the week and I should have a decent stock.

- jon
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