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Menu Options for all versions

posted May 02, 2016 13:43:39 by John Altenburg
I thought this would be a great place to start a simple reference page of the menu options for all the versions because finding the one that applies to me is almost impossible. I thought others would be having the same problem, so if anyone has a well written description of one or more versions I would as many others would love it. Thanks in advance!

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John Altenburg said May 02, 2016 13:45:21
This was a copy past and the only reference I have. I am missing one of the options so I don't know the version I'm posting.

Here's an explanation of the menu options.

1."Square" - Menu Enter and Exit
a. The first option you see when you enter the menu
b. The option to select to leave the menu. Saves your settings in EEPROM so the shift light can recall them when the power is disconnected.

2."brt" - Brightness
a. Adjusts the global brightness of the LED displays.

3."ACt"- Activation RPM
a. RPM point at which the LED graph begins displaying the RPM.

4."SHFt" - Shift RPM
a. RPM point at which the LED graph displays flashing, indicating shift point.

5."SEnS" - Sensing Method
a. "Fr" - Software based sensing method detected through Pin #8 (Frequency Measure)
b. "Intr" - Hardware based sensing method detected through pin #2 (Interrupt)
c. Changing this option requires an automatic system reboot

6."Cond" - Signal Conditioning
a. "On" - RPM values are averaged over 5 readings and extreme outliers are removed.
b. "OFF" - RPM values are not corrected.
c. This option may be useful if you detect erratic behavior in the RPM displayed; mostly due to natural noise in the RPM signal from the engine.

7."PPr" - Pulses Per Revolution
a. Essentially this is the "Engine Size" selector switch found on most aftermarket tachometers - only with more flexibility.
b. Ranges from 1 to 32. Though typically:
i. 4-cylinder engine = 2 PPr
ii. 6-cylinder engine = 3 PPr
iii. 8-cylinder engine = 4 PPr
c. This will vary depending on manufacturer, engine size, application, aftermarket engine control systems, type of ignition systems, and other factors. Do determine which application is correct for you: Google.
d. This option will display the read RPM until the rotary encoder is turned - then it will display the PPr selected for 500ms, then back to the new RPM reading. This should give you a frame-of-reference when adjusting this setting.

8."nLEd" - Number of LEDs
a. Adjust this setting to change the number of LED's in your configuration.
b. Changing this option requires an automatic system reboot.

9."SEG" - Segmentation of LED's
a. Adjusts the location of each color segment in your LED graph display.
10."Anim" - Animation Style
a. Adjust the animation style of your LED graph display from Left-to-Right, Right-to-Left, and Center-out styles.
b. Will require user to specify new Segmentation.

11."CLR1" - Adjusts the color for Segment 1

12."CLR2" - Adjusts the color for Segment 2

13."CLR3" - Adjusts the color for Segment 3

14."SC 1" - Adjust the color for Shift Light Flash 1

15."SC 2" - Adjusts the color for Shift Light Flash 2

16. "dEbg" - Serial Debug
a. "On" - Enables Serial output of RPM values and other options
b. "OFF" - Disables Serial output

17."rSt" - Reset
a. Performs a system restoration, clears all EEPROM memory, sets default values for all menu options, reboots system. Use this option to start from scratch.
BrandonMatthews said May 13, 2016 21:53:30
Hey John, this is almost unnecessary because instructions are found along with the shift light files. This is probably why many others haven't had this issue like you thought. And the option you are missing is the new brightness setting for when the dimmer is active. (:
Dr. Makoki said Aug 25, 2016 20:19:23
Hello, totally agree with John, I have not been able to find the Menu Options in the complete archives, John´s are the first ones I have been able to read, thanks a lot.

Brandon, in wich page of the instructions pdf does the options appears???

StanK said Aug 29, 2016 00:25:54
i believe brandon was referring to this
took me a day or two to find it also..
[Last edited Aug 29, 2016 00:30:19]
Dr. Makoki said Sep 01, 2016 09:45:17
Hello StanK,

I had found the link you are referring, but, as far as I have been able to look for, the software menu options are not included in the files you can download from that link.
Jonduino said Sep 23, 2016 13:10:53
Sorry everyone, I'll try to make this information more readily available on the product pages. My bad. (I'll also check the forums here more often, too).

- jon
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