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Number of LED's

posted May 02, 2016 18:41:43 by bryanhamilton64
Hi Jon,

What's the maximum number of LED's that the Shift Light can address, I want to try a new layout for the Rev Counter.

Cheers mate

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bryanhamilton64 said May 08, 2016 19:47:58
BrandonMatthews said May 13, 2016 21:48:34
Hey Bryan, I believe it's 32. After that 2 things may happen:
You don't have enough current to drive more Neopixels (Neopixels use a lot of current)
or you run out of memory (The sketch takes up like 94% of memory and each neopixel has a chunk of memory it uses.)

And actually, doing the math, with only 1.5 amps, the circuit can only drive 25 pixels at full brightness in the color white. I guess the capacitor helps with this since the shift light will never be a constant white color.
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bryanhamilton64 said May 14, 2016 15:36:03
32 it is then, cheers mate.

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