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Led Questions please help guys

posted Jul 28, 2016 07:07:57 by EzraSimons
Hey, Im looking to finally getting around to building this thing. I have had the parts lying around for a while now. I was wanting to know If the code alows for a direct replavement of the neo pixel stick to be swaped with roughly a 1.1M 5v rgb strip seeing as theres a led number option in the code. Now what would be even better is if I could have the 1.1M strip running and the neo pixel stick at the same time both with thier different Led number to Rpm values if you get me. Now im new to this electronics and hopless at coding but Im a Electrician so i get the basics of it all.

Some help would be great. Would love to get it done and show the end result on the drift car.
Thanks in advance for any help.
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Jonduino said Aug 03, 2016 00:52:41
Hi Ezra,

Do you want to connect an "analog" RGB strip to the shift-light? This is definitely possible, but would require some code edits. The "neopixels" are digital, and very time consuming for the shift-light. I generally don't recommend a strip longer than 25 leds because the shiftlight starts to bog down and they consume more power than it can handle. Send me a link or a model # for the lights you're talking about and I can probably help further.

- jon
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